Do you know who to call: psychologist, psychotherapist and/or psychiatrist?

Psychologists study in depth how people think, behave, react and interact.  He helps the client to become aware of what is going on in his mind, why he has certain reactions or preferences. Psychologists can be consulted in situations where psychological expertise is needed, which can be judicial or extrajudicial.

The psychotherapist has undergone additional specialization and is the one who can help you overcome stress, emotional or relational problems, as well as habits that can be considered harmful.  For this purpose, he uses various approaches, depending on the studies he has: cognitive-behavioral, Ericksonian, experimental, etc.

The psychiatrist is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and specialized in psychiatry.  His role is that of a doctor who investigates the patient’s symptoms in detail and then makes a medical diagnosis.  He can prescribe drug treatment to improve the patient’s condition.

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